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A Pictorial History
of the
Ku Klux Klan
This Book is printed
on 11" x 17" double sided printing
70 plus pages
Pictorial History of the Klan
"The Crimson Book"
2nd Edition of the original
1926 K-Duo Play upon the stage
Verbatim to the original
Crimson Book

This Book contains Both
The original Prescripts of the Ku Klux Klan
adopted in 1867, and the Revised and Amended
Prescripts adopted in 1868.
Prescript manual

A True Story
of the Original
Ku Klux Klan
A True Story of the Klan

The Book of Lectures
First and Second K-Uno Lectures
First K-Duo Lecture
Book of Lecture

Naturalization Ceremony Books
A must have for Naturalizations at Rallys or Klaverns
A complete set of 8 books
One book for Each Officer
We customize covers with your logo, patch, or Name, your choice
$ 25.00 for complete set
Hurry Rally's are upon us

Authentic Replica
CSA Cavalry Officers Sword with Scabbard
Total Length - 39 Inches
$60.00 each
Cavalry Officers Sword

Special Limited Time
KKK Grand Ensign Flag - 3' x 5' Original Dragon Pennant
Double Sided Embroidered And Red Scalloped Border
Includes 2 Brass Nautical Outrigger Clips
A Must For Each Klan - $45.00

Introductory Special
4" Second Era M.I.O.A.K.
With Dates   $6.00 Each
2 or more $4.00 Each

2 1/2 "Invisible Empire Patch
With K's    $4.00 each
 2 1/2
with 3 K's   $5.00 each

10 Inch M.I.O.A.K. Patch
May be Sewn on or ironed on
$30 Each

(patch is shown smaller than actucal size)

22" X 22" Bandanas
$4.00 each
Rebel Flag Bandana
Rebel Bandana
Camouflage Bandana
Camouflage Bandana
American Flag Bandana
American Flag Bandana

A Story of the Orginal Ku Klux Klan
An Excellent History Lesson About the Klan
$6.00 Each
A Story of the Orginal Ku Klux Klan
3" Patch
   One Country
   One Flag
   One Language  
$6.00 Each
One country One Country Language

Col. Simmons Seal/Klan Symbol Patch
6 1/2" by 4 1/2"     Meant to be Worn on the
Left Breast of your Robe    
$10.00 each

$0.00 Each

Confederate Battle Flag
3 x 5 with grommets
$10.00 Each
Confederate Battle flag

M I O A K Flag
3 x 5 with grommets
$10.00 Each
White Pride World Wide Flag
3 x 5 with grommets
$10.00 Each
white pride flag

2 1/2" Invsible Empire Patch
$4.00 Each
Triagle patch
4" Invisible Empire Patch
$5.00 Each
Rebel Flag lapel pin Empire

Night Hawk Patches
When I first ordered Night Hawk Patches and Office Patches! I was not thinking, I put the K on Knighthawk.
The correct spelling of Night Hawk is with a space and no K.
The K was added in ther late 20th century. If you wish, you may refer to the History of the Klan or the Pre-scripts
where you will find where it is written either "Night-Hawk" or "Night Hawk"
When I re-order the Night Hawk Patches, the K will be Removed, to be true to TRADITIONAL KLAN history.

Fully Embroidered New Night Hawk Patch
2 3/4" x 3 1/2" 
$6.00 Each

Nigh Hawk Patch
Updated Night Hawk Patch
with 'Security'    4" x 4"
$6.00 Each

Night Hawk Patch with Security border=

4"  Night Hawk
Gun Patch
$6.00   Each

Night Hawk Gun Patch

Klavern Officer /Grand Officer / Imperial Officer
$3.00 Each
 Klavern Officers Rocker  Grand Officer Rocker  Imperial Rocker

Office Patches
$3.00 Each

  Grand Klarogo 
Night Hawk  Grand Night Hawk  Imperial Night Hawk 

State Rockers     $3.00 each



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