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This Book contains Both
The original Prescripts of the Ku Klux Klan
adopted in 1867, and the Revised and Amended
Predscripts adopted in 1868.
Prescript manual

Naturalization Ceremony Books
A must have for Naturalizations at Rallys or Klaverns
A complete set of 8 books
One book for Each Officer
We customize covers with your logo, patch, or Name, your choice
$ 25.00 for complete set
Hurry Rally's are upon us

Authentic Replica
CSA Cavalry Officers Sword with Scabbard
Total Length - 39 Inches
$60.00 each
Cavalry Officers Swodr

Special Limited Time
KKK Grand Ensign Flag - 3' x 5' Original Dragon Pennant
Double Sided Embroidered And Red Scalloped Border
Includes 2 Brass Nautical Outrigger Clips
A Must For Each Klan - $45.00

Introductory Special
4" Second Era M.I.O.A.K.
With Dates   $6.00 Each
2 or more $4.00 Each

2 1/2 "Invisible Empire Patch
With K's    $4.00 each
 2 1/2
with 3 K's   $5.00 each

10 Inch M.I.O.A.K. Patch
May be Sewn on or ironed on
$30 Each

(patch is shown smaller than actucal size)

22" X 22" Bandanas
$4.00 each
Rebel Flag Bandana
Rebel Bandana
Camouflage Bandana
Camouflage Bandana
American Flag Bandana
American Flag Bandana

A Story of the Orginal Ku Klux Klan
An Excellent History Lesson About the Klan
$6.00 Each
A Story of the Orginal Ku Klux Klan
3" Patch
   One Country
   One Flag
   One Language  
$6.00 Each
One country One Country Language

Col. Simmons Seal/Klan Symbol Patch
6 1/2" by 4 1/2"     Meant to be Worn on the
Left Breast of your Robe    
$10.00 each

$0.00 Each

Confederate Battle Flag
3 x 5 with grommets
$10.00 Each
Confederate Battle flag

M I O A K Flag
3 x 5 with grommets
$10.00 Each
White Pride World Wide Flag
3 x 5 with grommets
$10.00 Each
white pride flag

2 1/2" Invsible Empire Patch
$4.00 Each
Triagle patch
4" Invisible Empire Patch
$5.00 Each
Rebel Flag lapel pin Empire

Night Hawk Patches
When I first ordered Night Hawk Patches and Office Patches! I was not thinking, I put the K on Knighthawk.
The correct spelling of Night Hawk is with a space and no K.
The K was added in ther late 20th century. If you wish, you may refer to the History of the Klan or the Pre-scripts
where you will find where it is written either "Night-Hawk" or "Night Hawk"
When I re-order the Night Hawk Patches, the K will be Removed, to be true to TRADITIONAL KLAN history.

Fully Embroidered New Night Hawk Patch
2 3/4" x 3 1/2" 
$6.00 Each

Nigh Hawk Patch
Updated Night Hawk Patch
with 'Security'    4" x 4"
$6.00 Each

Night Hawk Patch with Security border=

4"  Night Hawk
Gun Patch
$6.00   Each

Night Hawk Gun Patch

Klavern Officer /Grand Officer / Imperial Officer
$3.00 Each
 Klavern Officers Rocker  Grand Officer Rocker  Imperial Rocker

Office Patches
$3.00 Each

  Grand Klarogo 
Night Hawk  Grand Night Hawk  Imperial Night Hawk 

State Rockers     $3.00 each



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